FAQs Virtual

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I’ve registered, but decided I’m not interested anymore and no longer want to support these great charities. Can I get my money back?
Sorry. This is a virtual event. And you have a month to do it. And it is for charity. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I’m from out of town, can I do this event?
Absolutely! That’s one of the best parts of being virtual! If you are out of town for the holiday this year or don’t live in Lexington, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun!

When do I run?
You have the entire month of November, Nov. 1 to Nov. 30, to choose your date and times to complete your chosen race(s) and distance(s).

I don’t like running. Can I walk these distances instead?
Absolutely! We know people who walk faster than we run! Walk with your dog, walk around the local park, or walk back and forth in your kitchen — it’s all good!

I don’t have a GPS watch or anything like that. Do you need proof?
No GPS watch needed. Just keep track of your time – you will want to record it along with your distance traveled to post to social media! This is on the honor system.

Do I have to report my finish time?
Nope! As noted above, this is on the honor system and all about fun and challenging yourself.

I don’t run long distance – can I complete the distance(s) at different times?
Of course! The traditional route would be to the complete the chosen distance in 24 hours. And you can space it out over the whole day if you want. But these are not “traditional” times! So if you need more than one day to complete one or more of the distances, take more days. It’s up to you! For example, we want to see lots of folks try to cover their first half marathon distance, and we know that not everyone has time for that Thanksgiving morning. So, maybe run or walk 3 miles a day for 4 days and the final mile Thanksgiving morning. Make it fun. Involve your whole family. Encourage yourself and others!

What about the Challenge, that seems like a lot of miles?
The idea is to offer something new and different. The idea is to try to complete each distance on three consecutive days. But if that does not work for you, and you still want to give the Challenge a go, set a different schedule for yourself! You have the entire month of November to make it! Perhaps you do the 5K on Saturday, the 10K the next, and then the half marathon. Maybe you divide the half marathon out over a day, or over several days. Just go for completing the entire 22.4 miles in the way that is challenging to YOU. (I’m sure we will have some folks try to do all the Challenge races on one day, props to them, but also props to everyone who covers 22.4!)

If I do the Challenge, can I do more than one distance in a 24-hour period?
Yes! You can do as many as you want in a day. Want to bang out the 5K and 10K in one day – do it! Have a long run planned and want to bang out all three distances in one day? Do it!  BUT!!! Keep track of the individual times to let us know how you did on social media!

If I run all the distances but didn’t sign up for the Challenge, do I still get the Challenge swag?
Nope. Sorry! You’ve got to sign up by October 15 for the Challenge-specific event to get the extra shirt and the second medal.

Do I really get a medal?

What is in my “packet”? What is “swag”?
Your “packet” includes whatever shirts, socks, or medals your registration entitles you to. The shirts, socks, and medals are “swag.” If you choose to have your packet mailed, it will include whatever shirts, socks, or medals your registration entitles you to. You will NOT receive a race number because this is a virtual race.

What do I receive in the mail as my “packet”?
Please see the response above.

Where is my bib/race number?
As noted above, this race is virtual and we try to be as environmentally responsible as possible, so we are not providing bibs. If you want to run with a bib, get creative! Have fun! Make your own and show off your creations on social media.

I did not choose to have my packet delivered by mail, when and where is packet pick up?
Watch this space! We will update as soon as this is determined. We will also send an email.

I didn’t choose the mail option, can you still mail my packet to me?
Sorry! We cannot make those accommodations. We are a running club and this race is being produced by a few volunteers. We don’t get paid for this (because we want $$ for our charities!) And we can’t make late changes or incur costs for mailing.

Will I be charged any fees?
BGR does not collect any money other than your registration fee. The service we use to process registrations, RunSignUp, does charge a fee for the use of their service that gets paid to it. The fee is based on a sliding scale that changes depending on the total amount of your registration fees for that transaction. For example, if you total is over $50, the fee is 6%. If it is $30.01 – $50.00 then the fee is $3.00. If it is $10.01 – $30.00 then the fee is $2.50. So, you can save a couple of dollars if you register everyone in your group/family at the same time. You can see the table of fees by clicking here.

Can I exchange my shirt for another size?
We are ordering only the shirts selected at registration. There will be no exchanges. No exceptions. The shirt you order is the shirt you get.

What kind of race shirts are being provided?
The shirts will be the same fabric that we used in 2016 (red) and 2017 (purple for women, gray for men).

Ladies, still having trouble picking a size? Here are a few of our club members wearing most of the sizes:

ladies shirt size range
From left to right: XL (green), L (white), M (gray), S (green), S (red – but XS would fit her better).

What are PRO Compression socks and how are they sized?
We will have two sizes: S/M and L/XL. We will have limited numbers of each, so pick up your packet up early for the best selection!