About Our Artists


In 2015, we updated our race logo and theme, supporting the local arts at the same time. Our unique race logo design was created by Robert Bridges — a loyal Bluegrass Runner who often frequents the Saturday morning run group when he’s not chasing his children or making friends with the local fox.


Robert’s illustrations are fantastic and unique and you can check out his work at his website and even buy something in his shop on Etsy. Naturally, he also has a Twitter feed and a Facebook page – enjoy and support the local arts!
Each year we update Robert’s horse and runner design for our race shirts. Our very own Matt Reno, Former BGR President and operator of Matt Reno Art and Design does this fantastic work for us. Other than running, Matt’s true passion is design and branding. He loves creating visuals that help organizations connect with their customers and communities and has designed logos for a wide range of clients. We are happy to support Matt and local talent!

Our 2021 shirt art was created by race director Nikki Gilland, building on the fine work of Matt and Robert. When she’s not running or managing software systems, Nikki volunteers her time supporting communications and event planning for clubs & non-profits like Bluegrass Runners, AO Lexington and Pigworks. You can catch her shenanigans on instagram.