Course Map

The course starts in the rear of the parking lot near Barn 2, heads out the inbound lane of Keeneland Blvd until the Keene Barn entrance road (Entertainment Ct.) before switching over to the outbound lane of Keeneland Blvd. It continues out to near Versailles Road, and turns around at the Bridge to continue back on the inbound lane. The route then turns right up Entertainment Ct. and around to the left of Keene Barn, then turning right behind Keene Barn to go around the rear parking lot. The route then heads back to the start area via the newly paved interconnecting road. NEW- you will turn left on the first paved road that heads around the parking lot on the Hill, make a right at the bottom of the Hill, then make another right to head back up the Hill. You will then turn left to rejoin the road from the Keene Barn and head off right at the fork. Once reaching the initial parking lot, runners will turn left and follow back out Keeneland Blvd., but this time on the outbound lane. They’ll turn right onto Entertainment Ct. and follow the road up to the Gate House before turning right down the hill and straight back to the finish back in the original parking lot.